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Quality Sleep Begins with a Quality Sleep System.

Sleep is a Time of Renewal
The hectic pace of the American lifestyle is causing people to do more and sleep less. In fact, research indicates that half of us mismanage our sleep to the point where it negatively affects our health and safety. With quality sleep, cells are repaired, the immune system is strengthened and mental functions are sharpened. Quality sleep can also help reduce the occurrence of common pains, such as backaches, and increase your resistance to illness.

How Well You Sleep Depends on Where You Sleep
One third of our lives is spent sleeping and for this reason choosing a bed is an important decision

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For optimum comfort, choose a mattress that contours to your curves and supports your body in the ideal sleeping posture. Research shows the ideal sleeping posture closely resembles that of standing posture with middle ear, shoulder, hip and ankle all in alignment. The American Sleep Research Institute, a leading independent research facility, calls this posture Stand Tall-Sleep Tall body alignment.

Do not confuse firmness with support. A bed that is too firm could actually prohibit good sleeping posture and cause aches and pains. The ideal bed supports your body in proper sleeping posture without exerting too much pressure.

Mattresses that provide therapeutic warmth further enhance sleep quality by relaxing muscles.

Seal of approval for the
American Sleep Research Institute

ASRI Seal of Approval
For more than a decade, the American Sleep Research Institute has studied sleep normalcy and demonstrated the many important physical and mental benefits of sleep. The ASRI seal of approval certifies that a mattress was tested and approved by the American Sleep Research Institute. As you shop, look for the ASRI Seal of Approval on Land and Sky beds for superior sleep performance.