Waterbed Heaters

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1 Hardside Waterbeds Heater

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2 Softside and Tube Waterbeds Heater

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Temperature Control System

Easy to use: ONE PLUG, AND YOU’RE SNUG! You can check or change your control unit even in the middle of the night. When your Calesco heater is creating warmth, a small diode is lit, telling you the unit is in heating mode. By turning the knob, you can adjust the temperature setting. The small control unit is integrated with heater making it more watertight, and there are no extra cords to worry about to try and reach in the dark.

Temperature Selection: Once you set the thermostat the control unit maintains the water temperature within +/- 1¼F, in normal room temperature to keep you cozy and comfortable until you decide to change it.

Anti Flame coating: The extra brush marks you see on an otherwise crystal smooth finish is a high tech flame barrier for a final layer of safety.

Safe and Reliable: Offers Patented Circuit Layout for Lower Magnetic Field. Provides Lower Energy Consumption / Outstanding Temperature Regulation. Resists Electrical Spikes up to 1500V. Wattage: 150 and 285.

Additional information

Power- 170W
Power supply- 110V, 60 Hz
Heating circuit- Etched copper foil
Overheat protection- Automatic cut off safety thermistor
Power density- 0.1/cm2 or less
Element insulation- Double electric insulation, (two layer polyester)
Thermostat material- Fire resistant plastic, UL 94HB
Temperature range- 20-36°C
Dimensions- 120x240x4mm
Weight- 0,3 kg
Shipping included in the Continental United States.
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