Free Flow Cylinder/Tubes

Shallow Fill Waterbeds.
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Replacement Cylinders/Tubes:

Incredible Ease – Its unique cylinder system allows individuals to adjust the firmness level of each side by filling cylinders with differing amounts of water. And because there is no side to side motion, body movements will not disturb your partner. Additionally, each filled cylinder weighs only 35-40 pounds, reducing the weight of traditional waterbeds by 66%. Cylinders are also convenient to move and quick and easy to fill.

Free Flow cylinder/tubes (Free Flow means that there is simply water inside of the tubes.).

These tubes are designed to fit inside of a Softside waterbed with the inside depths being between 3-5 inches deep. Price is per tube.

King size beds= 8 tubes for a full set

Queen size beds= 6 tubes for a full set

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Made in the USA.
Shipping included in the Continental United States, please call for special shipping rates.
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Please allow 2-4 Weeks shipping time.

Warranty Vinyl Cylinder/Tubes: 100% 4 years. Shipping cost not included.
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