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DreamStar Complete Bed Package

The DreamStar pillowtop (with soft visco foam) bed includes Naturalizer free flow cylinder tubes, fitted liner, water conditioner, and a fill & drain kit.
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  • Package includes: Top Cover, Cylinders Waterbed Mattress, Liner, Waterbed Conditioner, Fill and Drain Kit (Foundation sold separately).
  • Luxurious Cover: High quality fabric for lasting beauty and comfort.
  • Superior Comfort Mattress: Enhances the customized sleep experience with a lightweight shallow fill design.
  • Patented Cylinder Design: Advanced design responds to body weight and natural curves for healthful support with the free flow cylinders.
  • Posturized Sleep Environment for the whole body (Stand Tall-Sleep Tall®): Optimizes the balance of pressure and posture to create the ideal body alignment for thoroughly restful sleep.
  • Roll Out Rails: Provides quick and easy assembly and access to cylinders
  • Convenient to own and maintain: Easy fill and drain, universal foundation.
  • No Heater Required.

Vinyl Colors may vary Lilac/Saphire



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Made in the USA.
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Please allow 2-­4 Weeks shipping time

Softside Mattress Dimensions

King Width 76” X Length 80”, Queen Width 60” X Length 80” (Mattress bladders are less 10 inches Width and Length).

Somma cylinders are quick and easy to fill. No hoses are needed. Each cylinder can be removed from the mattress and filled at any working faucet.
Each filled cylinder only weighs 35-40 lbs. reducing the weight of traditional waterbeds by 66%.
Individual cylinders help eliminate side to side motion. Body movement will not disturb your partner.
Easy to replace individual cylinder if needed.
Somma waterbeds use heavy insulated toppers eliminating the need for an electric heater.
Warranty Vinyl Mattresses: 100% 4 years. Shipping cost not included.
Warranty Softside Covers: 100% 1st - 4th year, 5th - 10th prorated. Shipping cost not included.
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